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Heidelberg Public Library: Conditions of Use
 Joining the Library
Welcome to Heidelberg Public Library.
We are open to all people living in or near Heidelberg.
If you want to use the library you will need to join. To be given a valid library card (Bücherei-/Metropol-Card) please bring along your official Identity Card or Passport as well as documentary proof of address ("Anmeldebestätigung").
Children and young adults under 16 are asked to provide the signature of a parent or legal guardian.
 Change of Address
Please notify the library if you change your address or name without delay.
 Loan Services
Your Bücherei-/Metropol-Card is non-transferable and must be produced when items are taken out. You are responsible for all items borrowed on your card, including items borrowed with a lost card, until the library is notified of the loss.
For children and young adults under 18 loans are free of charge. Adults have to pay an annual loan fee (valid for 12 months from joining date).
Extra charges of € 1.00 per item occur for borrowing DVDs/Blu-rays and € 2.00 for Bestseller-Service.
Loan timeNumber of items
Books, CDs, CD-ROMs, Cassettes, DVDs/Blu-rays20 opening days      No restrictions
"Bestseller-Service"10 opening daysNo restrictions
Magazines10 opening daysNo restrictions
Please ensure items issued to you are returned by the date they are due back. Avoid overdue charges, by renewing books before they are due back.
Reminders will be sent to you in the post if loans are not returned on time. The first reminder notice is automatically generated by our computer system on the first opening day after the item was due back. We do not send a second notice, but should the item still not have been returned, a third notice is sent after a further 10 opening days. Eventually we will send out an invoice for the money that is owed, this amount is based on the replacement cost of the item borrowed and you will also still be liable for the overdue charges for the appropriate period.
Please note that overdue charges have to be paid even without receiving a reminder.
You may renew your books and multimedia up twice, provided that no-one else has asked for them. Renewal of magazines and "Bestseller-Service" is not possible.
Items may be renewed in person, online via the library catalogue > Büchereikatalog > Medienkonto,
by phone (06221 58-36100, tue-fri 10am-8pm, sat 10am-4pm), by fax (06221 58-36240), or by email stadtbuecherei-kundenservice@heidelberg.de E-Mail.
You can reserve books and multimedia that are not immediately available for a charge of € 1.00 per item, except "Bestseller-Service".
 Loss of Bücherei-/Metropol-Card
Please look after your Bücherei-/Metropol-Card carefully and report its loss immediately to prevent abuse. A charge will be made to replace a lost card.
 Lost items
Loss or damage of books and multimedia must be reported and compensation has to be paid. Please notify us immediately if you think you may have lost your library items, in order to avoid overdue charges on top of replacement costs.
 Library Fines and Charges
First time issue of a library cardfree
Replacement Bücherei-/Metropol-Card€  5.00/6.00
Annual fee (valid for 12 months from start date) Bücherei-/Metropol-Card€  18.00 / 20.00
Reduced annual fee€  10.00
Annual loan fee for partners at same address€  28.00
Extra lending fee for DVDs€  1.00
Reservation of books and multimedia per item€  1.00
Inter-library loans per item€  1.50
Overdue fine after the due date per item€  1.00
Overdue fine after more than 5 opening days per item€  2.00
Overdue fine after more than 10 opening days per item€  4.00
Personal Computer Bookings
Use of Internet, per hour€  1.00
Lost or damaged items
The full replacement cost will be charged on all borrowed items which are either lost or damaged beyond repair.
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